Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories (blue edition)

Probably not everyone knows that “Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories” was printed in a first edition, with a blue cover, by Arsenale in 2000. Despite the large number of books printed (in just a few months, numerous editions were printed for a total of several thousand copies), it is now a rare book for collectors. The book was designed entirely by Alessandro Toso Fei, and features a sophisticated graphic design with retouched photographs taken specifically for its pages.


The book “Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories” (whose readers include American director Woody Allen and French writer Daniel Pennac, as well as the American astronaut Michael Massimino, the first man to use Twitter in space from the Shuttle) led to the creation of “ghost tours” in Venice, an activity that did not exist before it was published, and is based explicitly on the texts of the book.


In October 2003 it became a “talking book”, an audio version for the visually impaired by the Italian Association of the Blind; over the years it has also become a popular choice for the gift by wedding couples to their guests. Furthermore, from Venice to Connecticut, from France to Rhode Island, the book has been used to develop classroom projects: at the Ridgefield Middle School in Ridgefield, Connecticut, for example, as an educational tool in literature classes on Halloween; at the Birchwood Middle School in North Providence, Rhode Island, as an educational tool for art classes; at the Collège “Pierre Sémard” in Bobigny, Paris, it was the focus of a student project for a feature-length film.