Spectacles of Mystery: Legend becomes a Festival

In 2009 Alberto Toso Fei directed the first Festival of Mystery, entitled “Veneto: Spectacles of Mystery” which came to life in one hundred and forty sites across the region, and lasted through the entire month of November starting on October 31, the night of All Saints. Supported by the Regione Veneto and organized across the territory by the Pro Loco offices of the UNPLI network, this unprecedented Festival was dedicated entirely to Mystery, producing events dedicated to the mysteries and legends of the Veneto in the squares and towns of the historical cities, or immersed in the splendid natural settings of the region, from the mountain forests to the waters of the lagoon. The roster included sites of mystery, historic enigmas of the past, spirits, the dead, and ghost-ridden castles, natural areas animated by legends, figures from Venetian imagery (ogres, anguana nymphs, mazzarioli and sanguanelli elves and fairies), stories of devils and witches, mysterious historical personalities, artistic and literary curiosities.


Every legend and mystery was presented in the squares, villas, castles, forests, towns, and historical cities in theatre productions, costumed evocations, guided tours, story-tellings, puppets, projections, readings, concerts, musicals, exhibitions of art and photography, torchlight processions, games for children.


The artistic events were complemented by a gourmet experience, as every location offered its own specialty products, foods and wines. During the Festival, a book on the Mysteries of the Veneto (also translated into English) and edited by Toso Fei, was available for sale. The Festival has its own website, www.spettacolidimistero.it