101 Hidden Treasures of Venice

Secret places, hidden beauties, curiosities, objects wrapped in legend and an alternate way to confront history, to see La Serenissima and her myth with different eyes. One hundred and one treasures jealously preserved by Venice as if the entire city were a precious chest, prepared to open itself up to whoever risks leaving the traditional routes visiting the most attractive and significant places, to find themselves in the presence of treasures great and small that from ancient times fill the history of the city of the Doges.


A journey in search of pearls disseminated between calli and campielli: the throne of the Apostle Peter on which verses of the Koran may be read; the first Ghetto of Europe, which conceals precious synagogues behind anonymous residential façades; the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto, the smallest and most ancient of Venice, and the bell tower of San Marco just one hundred years old; the preserved heart of Antonio Canova in the grave that he himself planned for the great Titian, or the inn -- still operating -- where Giacomo Casanova had one of his more risqué adventures.


And still, epochal events engraved on altarpieces and works of art of extraordinary genius -- such as Vitruvian Man drawn by Leonardo -- that are hidden in a drawer: so many tiny jewels waiting to be discovered, to deliver to the reader an unexpected city, not usual yet alive to our eyes.

The sequence introduced within these pages allows one to move from one place to another in a theoretical line -- to cross a large part of the lagoon's archipelago -- in a sequence of charms in which to lose one's self for entire days.

One hundred and one hidden treasures able to astonish, and to make known places passed-by every day right under our eyes, to see well the hidden beauty, history, curiosity and amusing secrets that wait to be uncovered by both residents of the city and the occasional visitor.