• mysteries of venice

    Seven nights of history and myth,
    legends, ghosts, enigmas and curiosities

  • 101 Hidden Treasures of Venice

    Secret places, hidden beauties, curiosities, objects wrapped in legend and an alternate way to confront history, to see La Serenissima and her myth with different eyes. One hundred and one treasures j

  • Venetian Legends and Ghost Stories

    A guide to the places of mystery in VeniceA journey into a fantastic, dark and magic Venice, through a myriad of Venetian facts and curiosities that are perhaps too soon forgotten. This and much more

  • venetian legends

    Ten legends for children written by Alberto Toso Fei and illustrated by the talented Anna Forlati are found in “Venetian Legends — a project for young readers”, a book produced as just one...

  • The Mystery of the Woman Dressed in Black

    5 July 1947: Giorgio Baldrocco, a newborn baby of just thirty-three days, is abducted by a woman dressed in black who removes him from his father by deceptive means while he is busy at his fruit...

12th May 2012

Torino - Salone del Libro
Presentation of the new series dedicated to the mysteries of the cities of Italy: "Mysteries of Rome" and "Mysteries of Venice". A storytelling event and curious...

2nd and 4th April 2012

Ankara - Ambasciata d'Italia
Istanbul - Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Two events dedicated to "The Secrets of the Grand Canal" in Ankara and Istanbul within the review "Orizzontitaliani...

28th March 2012

Rome - Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze
Presentation of "Mysteries of Rome", one in a new series dedicated to the secret stories of the most beautiful cities of Italy.

  • Ghost Tours

    Alberto Toso Fei decided to support the "Passeggiate Italiane" Travel Agency, which offers visitors to Venice and Rome different views of each city, bringing them closer for those that approach them w

  • Secret Venice

    Coming soon.

  • Rai 2 - Sereno Variabile

    Alberto Toso Fei talks about the Festival of Mystery organized by the Regione Veneto for which he serves as artistic director.

  • Rai 2 - Voyager

    In this video excerpt from Voyager, Alberto Toso Fei talks about the Knights Templar and their presence in Venice.

  • Rai 2 - Sereno Variabile

    Rai 2 - Sereno Variabile Alberto Toso Fei talks about Murano and the mysteries of the church of Santi Maria e Donato.

  • Rai 1 - Italia che vai

    Alberto Toso Fei talks about Venice and its mysteries, and presents his book "Veneziaenigma".

  • Rai 2 - Tg2 Achab - libri in onda

    Alberto Toso Fei and Shaul Bassi are interviewed about their book "Shakespeare in Venire".

  • Rai 2 - Voyager - Kabbala in Venice

    In this video excerpt from Voyager - Rai 2 Alberto Toso Fei talks about the Kabbala in Venice.

  • Sky - Marcopolo

    Alberto Toso Fei tells the secrets of the Grand Canal.